Dinner at Mozart’s

The Erasmus Buddy Network is an organisation that sets up trips, evening classes and other social events for Erasmus students. Last night I attended the EBN Welcome Dinner which was held at Mozart’s, a cute traditional-style restaurant near Westbahnhof with antlers hung on the walls and fur rugs on the benches. They served all of the classic Austrian dishes and I was very happy to find vegetarian versions.


As someone completely new to Austrian cuisine, I was surprised by the heaviness of the meal. Apparently this is a key characteristic of the food here along with high amounts of meat, cheese and carbs in all forms. It isn’t for dieters!

Our first course was a small bowl of Frittatensuppe: strips of salted pancake soaked in stock and herbs. Oddly delicious!


Apparently this has a different name in Germany (Flädlesuppe) but exactly the same recipe.

For my main course I opted for the Vegetarian Goulash. I had absolutely no idea what to expect given that goulash is primarily made up of beef. When it arrived, I found that the meat had been substituted for mushrooms and that it came with a large bread knödel. The mushrooms were in a creamy source with a very strong salted flavour. The knödel, which we could tell was the kind made of bread due to the distinct pieces inside, was extremely dense and somewhat flavourless. I can’t say that this dish ranked high for me. I was finding the salty flavour a little overwhelming by the end and I’m pretty sure the only purpose of the knödel was to fill me up.

(Unfortunately I didn’t snap a pic of this dish as I didn’t think it was tasty-looking… More like a dumpling sitting in source… Oh well.)

The dessert was a but of a surprise. A large scoop of ice-cream covered in crunchy pieces and filled with a mango centre. I asked a Erasmus Buddy whether this was a typical Austrian pudding but she told me it didn’t have any name. “Fried Ice” was her best guess. Either way, it was yummy!

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 11.21.45.png

Austria is known for very good wine and beer… and a lot of alcoholic beverages really. Personally, I do not drink so unfortunately I won’t be able to review any of the drinks for you. But I was recommended an Austrian lemonade called Almdudler which is apparently only found in Austria and doesn’t even find its way to Germany.

In total the meal came to €12.90 (excluding drinks). The EBN welcome dinner was a great experience for us foreign students to get a taste of traditional Austrian cuisine. However, hopefully even better than that will be the Austrian Food Tasting event on the 21st of this month. I’m excited for this one and I really hope that they’ll have plenty of veggie options!


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