Naschmarkt, the Winter Palace, and the MAK


On Saturdays in Vienna the Naschmarkt (food and drink market) is taken over by the Flohmarkt (flea market). Stalls and stalls of antiques, artworks, jewellery, clothing, and any other thing someone could come across in their basement.

I have been trying to go to the flohmarkt for the past 2 months but every weekend I have been busy for some reason or other. Finally, today I had a free Saturday! The weather was sunny and I was in the mood to do some exploring. At 11:30, which was the time I that arrived, it was heaving with people! Walking up and down the lines of stalls was a slow process but at least this allowed me to take everything in. The majority of stalls featured antique jewellery or crockery but overall there was a wide spread of curious items that would satisfy any collector or second-hand addict.

Naschmarkt itself, which is open every day of the week, is know for its food — specifically Turkish specialties including houmous, falafel, cheese-stuffed dates and baklava. As a standard tourist I decided I would try one of the famous falafel sandwiches… But in a happy turn of events the counter I approached was out of falafel and suggested I tried the Shakshuka sandwich instead (which is an african dish of tomatoes and other veg cooked into a source with eggs poached within). I’d heard of Shakshuka before, as a breakfast food served in a bowl, but I’d never contemplated putting it inside a flatbread with houmous and salad– and it was one of the best ideas! I definitely recommend! Alongside this I also treated myself to a piece of baklava and a mohnzelten (a round pastry bun filled with fruit or nuts).



Belvedere: The Winter Palace

The Winter Palace is the 4th part of the Belvedere that many tourists tend to miss along with 21er Haus as both of these buildings are slightly outside of the actual Belvedere estate. While the art gallery 21er Haus is just north of the Belvedere gardens, the winter palace can be found in the centre of district 1, near the busy shopping areas. It’s easy to find if you follow Ringstrasse round towards StaatPark.

There is currently a fashion exhibition including works from Galliano, McQueen, Westwood and Chanel as well as many other big names. It’s on until 25th June 2017.

This was a really interesting exhibition purely for the choice made to place these modern and highly glitzy art pieces in the preserved rooms of the palace, which deserve individual attention in their own right. I felt that there was a tension here between the old and new that didn’t feel all that satisfying. The clothing, though stunning and which created an excellent collection when separated from their surroundings, stole attention away from the decadent rooms and I found myself grappling with where to place my attention: the immaculate details of the rooms or the sparkling dresses. Unfortunately neither complimented the other but both were well worth going to see, and at the price of one ticket!


I have actually talked about the Museum of Applied Arts in an earlier post on this blog, as this will have been the second time I have visited. The reason I returned is because there has been a recent turn around of exhibitions and I was really excited to return from my last visit. It did not disappoint! I actually thoroughly enjoyed returning to the permanent exhibition spaces so as to check out any details that I had missed last time and giving myself a bit of a more relaxed pace to experience each room.

For those of you who have never visited, the building is again stunning in its own right. It has painted ceiling alcoves, stained glass windows, renaissance-style columns and a beautiful symmetrical design. The exhibition spaces range from furniture design, lace, carpets, applied arts (and design) from specific time periods, and a modern design practice space down on the lower floor. There is an overlapping theme of ‘the social’ throughout these design practices that brings them all together cohesively. The subjects range greatly and with the museum’s ever-changing programme there seems to be a constant stream of new things to see.


Of course, after all of this walking around I was in great need of a sit down and a cuppa tea so I made a brief visit to the gift shop to purchase a book, before walking straight on through to the attached restaurant/cafe, Salonplafond. I’m only mentioning this because I quite possibly had the best cup of tea in my life there, called English Rose. Not to sound cheesy but it was like drinking a garden…



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