Hello there!

I am an art student from Central Saint Martins in London and I’ve chosen to spend 4 months in Vienna, Austria. I will be studying at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien which is famously known as the art school that rejected Hitler twice!

One of the things I want to do while I’m here besides learning German (for the first time) and sampling all of the incredibly delicious looking pastries, is to write a blog about my experience. Before I came across from London I was a little bit unsure about what to expect. Hopefully this blog can help others who are heading on Erasmus or travelling to Vienna for the first time.

To start with I should probably explain a few things about myself so that you know what kind of content I will be posting up on here. Firstly, I am a huge foodie and tea-drinker so I will try my best to review the cafés, restaurants and beislns I visit. I might also post up some recipes of any really good Austrian specialties I encounter! Secondly, I am a fine art student and I mainly hit the tourist sites that are related to the arts, history and theatre. I should also warn you that my taste in art is kind of explicit and very feminist — but not 100% of the time! … And finally, I love to travel! Which is probably obvious from the fact that I’ve chosen to live abroad for 4 months, but just to clarify, I really want to see as much of Austria and any surrounding countries while I’m here as possible. I’ll review/journal/ramble about these trips as well as they’re all part of the Erasmus experience.

I hope you enjoy reading!